B·IRON DUAL NANO Dual Battery-Powered Nano Soldering Station BINN-5A

B·IRON DUAL NANO Dual Battery-Powered Nano Soldering Station BINN-5A

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B·IRON DUAL NANO features two lightweight and ergonomic tools, providing the highest precision for soldering SMDs.

The short-distance tip-to-grip ensures exceptional control for meticulous tasks and its unprecedented freedom of movement optimizes working under a magnifying glass or in areas away from the workbench.

It performs up to 120 small SMD soldering joints per charge.

This station converts into a dual-tool station by adding an extra tool. Both tools can be controlled in real time.


• B·NANO Nano Handle (x2), which is fully compatible with C115 Cartridge Range. It also has a power safe mode that can be activated by putting on the cap.

• Charging-Base for charging tool automatically when placed in Tool Holder.

It also features Quick Cartridge Exchanger, enabling a safe and easy cartridge change, Tip Cleaner with Brass Wool and Antisplash Membrane.

• PDS Portable Display 7" with B·IRON app to configure and control the system.

BINN-5A With Portable Display
BINN-5QA Without Portable Display
1 Instruction Manual
2 B·NANO Nano Handle for B·IRON
2 C115101 Conical Ø 0.1
1 BCB Charging-Base for B·IRON
1 PDS Portable 7" Display for B·IRON
2 B1596 Safety Cap for B·IRON Handles


Input voltage
100 V - 240 V 50/60 Hz
40 W
Tool output
12 V / 1000 mA
USB output
5 V / 1000 mA

Peak power
15 W
Selectable temperature
100 to 450ºC / 210 to 840ºF
Temperature accuracy
± 3% (using reference cartridge)
Li-Ion 7.4V / 750mAh
Charge time
30 minutes
Ambient Operating Temp
10 - 50 °C / 50 - 122 °F
32 g / 0.071 lb
ESD safe
Meet ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021

Screen size
7" / 7 in
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Li-Ion 3.7V / 2500mAh

Interested in a demo? Ask us about trying this station.