FAE1 - Fume Extractor for 1 Workbench

FAE1 - Fume Extractor for 1 Workbench

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FAE is the most effective solution to avoid exposure to solder fumes. The extractor activates and operates only when soldering.

The extractor starts up only when soldering. This function not only saves power, but also extends the life span of the equipment, including the filter.

FAE1 stand has an integrated vacuum system that detects when the tool is at rest and automatically absorbs excess fumes.

FAE1 provides direct connection of up to 4 soldering or rework stations with a total of 4 tools.

It can be controlled via JBC Stations, a pedal, a robotic system or a PC.

It has 3 predefined levels of aspiration: low, medium and high. It also features a custom mode where the airflow can be set within the minimum (10%) and maximum rates (100%).

*This product is the fume extractor only. In order to build a working fume extraction system, hoses and nozzles are required. Contact EPM for help building your setup.

FAE1-1B - 120V

Demo units available upon request