Alpha OM-5100 Solder Paste, SAC305, T4, No-Clean (700g Cartridge)

Alpha OM-5100 Solder Paste, SAC305, T4, No-Clean (700g Cartridge)

MacDermid Alpha
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ALPHA OM-5100 Solder Paste is a low residue, no-clean solder paste designed to maximize first pass yields. The ALPHA OM-5100 activation system is optimized to enhance joint solderability and limit post reflow soldering defects.

Alloy SAC305
Powder Size Type 4
Container 700g Cartridge
Flux Type Water-Soluble

This paste's wide reflow profile window enables soldering with lead free components. ALPHA OM-5100 is designed for complex assemblies with small (0201) tin finished passives and enables solderability with large (1mm pitch) BGA components containing lead free spheres. Small print deposits remain fully coalesced, even in profiles hot enough to collapse SAC305 BGA spheres.


  • Consistent fine-feature print volume repeatability
  • Low post reflow residue
  • Reduction in Mid chip solder ball defects
  • Minimizes random solder balling

OM-5100 Technical Bulletin

Samples available upon request.